понеделник, 5 януари 2015 г.

Everybody's Fine

Every day I receive at least two calls from my mother. The conversations are nothing special in the beginning. Than the spy movie begins. After the third minute form her son I am turned into telephone hostage. At that point there is no escape. From casual questions about the weather she somehow turns the subject to “what are you going to do with your life”, “every time the decisions you take are completely irresponsible”, “ today you sound more sick than yesterday, I told you” ,” on the TV they are saying next days will be very dangerous, don’t go out“.

Don’t get me wrong but I believe this is illegal. And since she is my parent, I am forced to be kind. But sometimes it is mission impossible. The more I listen, the more inadequate questions I receive. And the last thing to do is to end the conversation withLowAndsteady voice MOTHER EVERYBODY’S FINE, BUT TONIGHT WE ARE GONNA DIE.  After this there isn’t nothing better than a quick fix.

The true problem is when there in nobody to drink with. The worst thing is to drink alone. That’s why most of my friends drink. But when we talk about all friends at a time, the picture becomes terrible. The closer with them, the more obvious is how abnormal they are. Sometimes is fun with friends like this, at least in the beginning. Like many flies landed on the same shit.